Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I haven't posted in FOREVER. Alot has happened too! I competed in the Barbell for Boobs as well as WOD N' WINGS. Both were tons of fun and great experiences! The CrossFit community has some amazing people involved and I am so happy to be a part of that! :)

Updates...what's new:
*On Thanksgiving day I got a PR on clean&jerk, 100lbs. Keep in mind that I'm only 105 body weight so that's almost 100%!
* I am unbearably close to getting a muscle-up! It's SO FRUSTRATING! I will get one before Christmas and I will post the video of me crying and screaming haha
*I got my first FRAN time of 7 minutes yesterday withhh a really bad cough so I could barely breathe..I will definitly work on that :P

WOD today:
4 Rounds of:
15 airsquats
10 jerks (65lbs)
20 airsquats
5 jerks
15 airsquats
10 jerks
20 airsquats
5 jerks
I got like 20:16..this one sucked becuase my legs are really sore from FRAN last night..

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