Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vest Gone Bad 10/18/11

I got to go to Apex today which was sooo motivating! This week, all the workouts at Apex are with a weight vest. Whether carrying it, or wearing it, the vest is always incorporated in a WOD any day this week! So today I did "Vest Gone Bad"!
3 Rounds, 1 minute of work for each move, 1 minute rest at end of 3 minutes.
Box Jumps (20")
Lunges(Right and Left=1)
Single Arm Dumbell Push Press(15lbs)
15lb weight vest worn throughout the entire workout, I did this on RX too which I was SO excited about!
85, 67, 63= 215

I also got a PR today! My PR for power cleans was 85, but I got 95lbs today :) Becuase I was so inspired, I wrote down all my goals, whether for weightlifting, cardio, or gymnastics moves. Lets see how many PR's I can check off!

Here is a nice video demonstrating the power clean:

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